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Encounter Tracker

System Highlights:
  First tablet based smart client application
  Tracks compliance daily
  All data is compiled “real time” or "near real time"
  Generates caseload information by therapist, by school or by discipline
  Stores encounter documentation, TPB, IEP goals and requirements for quick reference
  HIPAA & FERPA compliant
  Web and Tablet/Laptop PC based
  Generates compliance reports by provider, by school, or by discipline
  Customized reports and Adhoc report generator
  Allows remote access by supervisors to all therapist data
  Accepts electronic signatures
  Levels of security based on district /location requirements
  Individual passwords for all users
  Multiple security settings per user
  Edit rights assigned per district authorization
  Users are alerted when data conflicts with business rules
  Supervisors are alerted when report parameters exceed application
  Additional alerts can be added

The Process

Data is fed into ETC from the district’s database.

Supervisors then assign students to providers.

Providers then enter each clinical note into the program.

Clinical notes can be synced (sent to the central server via a brief “point and click” process) as often as daily with a central database, while allowing providers access only to the information relevant to students on their caseloads. Inputting of unique critical student related data/ information is controlled centrally.

When a provider begins to enter the name or number of a student, all other data needed for that encounter and billing automatically defaults and is embedded in that encounter record. Providers input only their documentation of the session and required signatures.

ETC is extremely easy to use and decreases the amount of “paperwork” each therapist must manage. The program itself requires only basic computer knowledge to be used effectively and can be accessed via a “client application” installed on laptops or via a web based application. Total user training time is approximately 1 hour (this time is somewhat dependent on the business rules required by the client).

Check back soon for screen shots of Encounter Tracker.

Tablet Application

First the user logs into the tablet based application in a “connected” environment. The program will pull the indivual therapist’s caseload from the central server.   After the case load is synced then the application can work in a disconnected fashion (standalone).  The initial form viewed by the therapist is the encounter entry form.  The user can select the student from the student drop down list.

The end user can complete each encounter record which is stored in the local database until the application is connected to the internet.  

Once the computer is connected to the internet the end user can click the Sync Encounter button to send all encounters to the main server.

If there are any business rule violations the user will be prompted to fix the issue.  This greatly reduces the possibility of data entry errors.

Web Application

Users can also enter their encounters using a secured web user interface.


Check back soon for screen shots.

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