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About Us

About the Company
Educational Tracking & Consulting, Inc. is a new special education software partnership.  It brings together the combined successful conceptualization and management skills of two established companies.  Paradigm Software is an IT company with 17 years of experience in encounter tracking across multiple industries.  Paradigm has multiple contracts with some of the US’ largest municipalities including:  The State of Delaware, City and County of Honolulu, City of Los Angeles, Orange County, CA, San Bernardino County, CA, Miami Dade County, FL, King County Seattle WA.  Care Resources Inc. has 25 years of experience in the provision of special education and related service delivery and management.  These two companies have worked together to develop this software and to successfully implement Medicaid billing applications.  Together they have formed a new company, ETC, Inc., whose focus is solely on the development and implementation of special education compliance management software solutions for school districts.
Company history
Educational Tracking & Consulting was originally approached by a large urban school system with some unique issues.  The district was charged with the supervision of approximately 600 related service providers and with the need to access their notes for supervision/billing/audit purposes all from a central location.  ETC worked with the district to develop a system which managed the 600 providers from a central location and gave supervisory staff “real time” access to the 50,000 + clinical notes generated each month.  ETC stores all data on behalf of the district on a secure third party server and has devised several levels of security for users based on district business rules.  For example, therapists have access to all notes generated for students on their caseload; supervisors have access to all therapists within their discipline certification; district managers have access to all data; and state monitors have access to only statistical data.  The various levels of security are necessary to remain HIPPA/FERPA compliant and to maintain confidentiality.  ETC provides the district with ongoing programming support to accommodate changes in the data feed and business rules.

ETC's people
ETC has a staff of 10 dedicated professionals with proven industry experience ready to tackle your most pressing compliance needs.



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