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ETC software solutions will be customized to your district’s data configuration. Data is uploaded to the ETC server by your IT department on an agreed upon schedule and all caseload information and reports are then available to district users in real time. Additional modules can be added to the existing software depending on your needs (e.g. assessment tracking, expanded student information, academic services, or compensatory services). For more information regarding customization services please email pweglein@edutracking.com or Support@edutracking.com


Welcome to Educational Tracking & Consulting, the new standard in related service software for use by providers, supervisors, and administrators!

ETC’s unique real time software applications assist school districts in assigning, tracking, integrating and managing related services

Features ::

Provider caseloads
IEP service documentation and compliance tracking
Electronic Medicaid billing files
Compliance reports by provider, by school, or by discipline
Real time identification of service interruptions
Make up services

The “integrated” software tracks service provision and can report by provider, by IEP service, by school, by discipline and by district.  All information is automatically collated and provided in “real time” to providers, supervisors, and administrators.  Up to 6 custom reports are designed free of charge for each licensed user and each license includes an ad hoc report designer which allows customized reports within each district. 

ETC is very user friendly and training can be done in an hour to computer literate staff.  Even first time computer users can be trained in under 3 hours!

Users can input their clinical data via a tablet application or a WEB application.  All clinical notes are available “on line” in real time and can be stored on either a district server or a secure HIPPA/FERPA compliant third part server.  Licensed users have options to set up levels of internal security and access according to their business rules.

A current licensed user has 600+ providers servicing approximately 12000 students and generates 50,000+ encounters per month!

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Copyright 2008 ETC INC. All rights reserved


Copyright 2008 ETC INC. All rights reserved